Thank You…

Remember When…

It’s been 12 years of owning Sovereignty Wines and 19 years of being in the liquor industry. The last five years I have seen a world wind of changes.

Twenty years ago in Colorado Springs you didn’t have coffee shops on every corner or drive thru coffee shops open 15 hours a day for that matter. You didn’t carry a water bottle around with you everywhere you went. If you told people you had a “mother” in the cupboard nobody knew what you were talking about. Twenty-five years ago we had made our own kombucha and friends would open the refrigerator at the house and look at the organic kombucha mother and say “what the @#$%# is that thing alive?” Back then I just called it fermented tea and made a batch every week. Today it is has become more popular than soda drinks. If only I saw this future trend years ago I would be making some kombucha bucks today!

More and more people are dazzled by the fancy drinks at the bar and they want to recreate it at home with family and friends. Then when recreating that drink at home they find out that all those ingredients get pricy and most of the mixers are not even alcohol based. Now the fun begins for someone like me, because there are so many different mixers from different parts of the country and world I can help you find which mixer is good for a specific drink. Also, what is the sugar content, how many calories does it have, can it be used for more than one type of mixing? I literally could have a shop filled with nothing but non-alcoholic mixers.

Today we are in the midst of a seltzer, agua fresca, still-fruit pure drink frenzy (many of these seltzer’s are brewed as beer but differently to naturally reduce the sugar and alcohol). At least once a week, I am seeing or hearing about a new cocktail, low calorie drink or even wine in a can. I feel the timing of the products is not only due to millennials being largely wine and spirits consumers but the fact that many people want to have a single serving drink rather than a large bottle of wine.

Even technology has its effects on how people do their shopping at stores. We have begun taking the advice of total strangers on social media and the latest wine app, but sometimes that wine app rating is just too good to be true and you go home with a wine that was dry as a bone when you wanted sweet as candy.

That is why a destination store like Sovereignty Wines has given grace to all the categories. We connect to the fun spectrum of all sprits with stories, ideas, food pairing and personal feelings that is not necessarily the case at big box stores.

We continue to ask how we can expand, create and challenge ourselves and make you, the customer, happy with everything that’s new in the beverage world. We aim for thoughtfulness in the store and everything around it.

Thanks for being our customers all these years!