Season Change of Winter

As the season changes from fall to winter and the leaves begin to disappear into the neighbor’s lawn we can be thankful for all the wonderful things this world has given us.  Although these times have been difficult we are stronger and we will survive.

Here are couple of facts about the Brooklyn Blue Door and No.14.  They are both Junmai meaning these sakes made with nothing other than rice, water, yeast and koji.  The rice is milled or polished at a minimum of 40% are the preferred service temperature is room temperature or chilled.

Brooklyn Blue Door is bright and fruit forward without being sweet. It’s like jelly beans and wild flowers, honeydew melon and juicy ruby grapefruit.

Brooklyn No.14 is incredibly aromatic, fruit forward and clean Sake with notes of white flowers, ripe apple and tropical fruit. Keep refrigerated and enjoy with all light, fresh foods.

La Colombera Derthona, Timorasso 2018

I cannot believe I am doing this again because it is just that awesome.  It’s back and even better than ever.  Just a refresher course for this varietal. This grape was nearly extinct during the 1970’s but has come back and made a strong resurgence.  Timorasso is the grape variety that best represents the hills around Tortona (Dertona is the old name for city), as this white grape was born here. It can be considered as a noble or ancient variety, which has similar characteristics to a Chenin Blanc or Savennieres and has the tendency to botrytize (noble rot) which can give the wine a slight mandarin note to accompany the full, minerally, fleshy flavors.  This wine is structured and elegant, capable of aging for a surprisingly long time in bottle.

This opens with a fruity peach fragrance, acacia and earthy rose bud blossoms that is accentuated by a scent of honey.  As this wine matures in three or four years the hidden minerality will begin to appear on the nose and palate for wonderfully surprising change.  Hold on to your britches, we have a limited availability (less than 24 bottles) of this wine but if you had the chance of tasting last year this baby is even bigger with just a touch less acid than the 2017.  Therefore, I can hardly wait to lay another two bottles down and drinking them in the coming years.

Thank You,

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