More Holiday Cheer…

The Holidays Continue!


So hear we go…it’s only the second month of the year and we’re going into it with another wave of holidays!

We hope everyone is off to a good start to a new decade! We have so many things to look forward and if you thought the holidays were behind you, think again.

We have Super Bowl Weekend at the doorstep of the month and a great time for margarita’s and cold beers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cupid shoots a few arrows early in the month for some football weekend madness pricing on beer and tequila. Stop in to see what the pricing madness will be all about!

Speaking of Cupid, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday. Ladies and gentlemen this is going to be one to remember. When love is the air and our hearts and thoughts are filled with bubbles of LaLuca Prosecco but if you’re really looking to spice it up a bit then go for that bottle of Dom Perignon. We carry these delicious bubbles (and many more!) all year long so you can enjoy them not only on Valentine’s Day but any day you need a helpful mood setter.

Wow, this month is getting even better!! Presidents’ Day follows Valentine’s Day for an extra-long weekend. How do we get so lucky, man this 2020 vision…I mean year thing is great. Now we can sit back and enjoy a hearty bottle of Mauro Molino Langhe Nebbiolo 2018 that is elegant, velvety showing hints of flowers and fruit with subtle tannins a sensational glass of wine that is perfect to sip on with your partner.

The madness keeps going because with the next big event on Bourbon Street, we have Mardi Gras. We may not be in New Orleans for the occasion but Fat Tuesday is great day to stock up on Bourbon and Whiskey. Who knows we may be waist deep in four feet of snow needing some hot toddy’s to sip on and warmup from the chill of winter air. It seems my vision is getting clear with 2020 and it clearly stays, stop by Sovereignty Wines for all your holiday needs!


Paldies – Thank You,

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