It’s a Coin Flip This Year

It’s a Coin Flip this Year
Spring will be arriving soon and the chilly grips of a snowy winter will be gone and forgotten. March is a month that we typically see two sides of weather early cold and late warmth (or we hope that is the case). Time will only tell which happens this year so instead I have chosen to look at both sides of the coin. First I would like to give thanks to all of you who enjoy this column and your patronage to Sovereignty Wines as well as my wonderful staff that are always happy to help with you during your visits to the store.
Coole Swan Irish Cream 
If you haven’t yet tried Coole Swan you are in for a treat. A true Irish Cream made in Dublin this is a success story that begins with dairy farmers. After 231 attempts of the perfect blend of five all natural ingredients; cream, Belgium white chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, cocoa from the Ivory Coast of Africa and of course a single malt Irish whiskey triple distilled and specifically made for Coole Swan by Jamison. Coole Swan’s flavor is both smooth and original. Perhaps the best way to enjoy Coole Swan is simply chilled or over ice. However, if you want to give your cup of coffee or hot chocolate a boost it blends in just like real cream (because it is). See what everyone is talking about and make sure you have a bottle on hand for St. Patrick’s Day. In the spirit of 2020, please when purchasing this cool treat during March 2020 let us know you know that this is on sale during the month for a “Perfect Vision” price of $20.20.
La Colombera Derthona, Timorasso 2017
It’s back and better than ever and you thought 2016 was great. Hold on to your britches, we have a limited availability of this but if you had the chance of tasting this last year then this baby is even bigger with just a touch less acid than the 2016. I can hardly wait to lay down two bottles and to drink them in the coming years.
Here is a grape that was nearly extinct during the 1970’s but has come back and made a strong resurgence. Timorasso is the grape variety that best represents the hills around Tortona, Italy (Dertona is the old name for city), as this white grape was born here. It can be considered as a noble or ancient variety, that has similar characteristics to a Chenin Blanc or Savennieres and has the tendency to botrytize (noble rot) which can give the wine a slight mandarin note to accompany the full, minerally, fleshy flavors. This wine is structured and elegant, capable of aging for a surprisingly long time in bottle. On the nose the young wine shows notes of white peach, honey, acacia, and tea blossom and after a few years or so the wine develops smoky and mineral notes.
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